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About Community Landscape Services

Community Landscape Services is the premier commercial landscape management firm in the D.C. metro region. In 1993, Bill DeWitt founded Community Landscape Services to fill the service gap between the large national firms and local “mow, blow and go” firms.  Community Landscape Services provides professional, personal, pro-active services and a comprehensive depth of resources to commercial and residential properties.  For over two decades, our depth of resources has allowed us to provide unparalleled service for our valuable clients. We combine the elements of experience and passion with sustainable and regenerative techniques to create inviting, well maintained common spaces. We take pride in our work and knowing that your project is in excellent caring hands.

Why Choose CLS?

Because we care!  Your landscape is a large, living investment.  Properly managed, it contributes to the value, beauty, and usefulness of your property.  By truly understanding your needs, desires, and the role your landscape plays in meeting your business objectives, we're uniquely positioned to provide the specific kind of property maintenance that is appropriate for your situation.

We have adopted a “Team CLS” philosophy not only with our employees but with our clients.  It is our goal to provide the best service to our clients through value, professionalism, dependability, depth of resources, and sustainability.  We view client relations as a partnership and are pro-active in providing the best solution for your needs.

Value - With over 30 years of industry experience, our executive staff guides “Team CLS” in providing effective and cost-efficient solutions for your property.  We use only the best products and techniques in providing a dedicated solution and approach that fits your property needs.

Professionalism – Our staff is professional, trained, and always courteous to our clients.  We value our image and are dedicated to a successful client experience.

Dependable Partner – You can count on “Team CLS” to be there for you!  We are pro-active in making recommendations that are in your best interest, in an effort to keep your property looking pristine and healthy.  CLS has adopted an interactive management approach with our clients and delivers an on-call landscape partner.

A depth of resources - CLS is a full-service firm.  Our professional team includes certified arborists, landscape designers and architects, horticulturists, carpenters, and stone masons.  Our top of the line equipment, highly trained and motivated employees, and 52-acre nursery allow us to provide the highest level of service for our clientele.

Sustainability - CLS takes an active approach when considering sustainability and the environment we live in.  We support “greener” techniques and practice them where appropriate in our day to day operations.